Reloadable VCC

NOTE ***If not used/loaded for 30days it will expired and the remaining funds in it is subject for REFUND***

  • Can be Reuse for 1 year but will expired within 30days if UNUSED 
  • Price: $ x 50php plus processing fee of 400php for first transaction and 300php for succeeding transactions 
  • Example: First load of 10$ will be 10$ x 50php + 400php(processing fee) = 900php 
  • You cannot use this card to Amazon, Godaddy, iTunes, Apple store, Play store, Dealextreme and other USA/Canada based websites/merchants 


Initial Load Balance———————–Price

5$ loaded vcc——————————650php

10$ loaded vcc—————————-700php

15$ loaded vcc—————————-1150php

20$ loaded vcc—————————-1400php

25$ loaded vcc—————————-1650php

30$ loaded vcc—————————-1900php

35$ loaded vcc—————————-2150php

40$ loaded vcc—————————-2400php

45$ loaded vcc—————————-2650php

50$ loaded vcc—————————-2900php

ReLoad Balance—————————–Price

5$ loaded vcc——————————550php

10$ loaded vcc—————————-800php

15$ loaded vcc—————————-1050php

20$ loaded vcc—————————-1300php

25$ loaded vcc—————————-1550php

30$ loaded vcc—————————-1800php

35$ loaded vcc—————————-2050php

40$ loaded vcc—————————-2300php

45$ loaded vcc—————————-2550php

50$ loaded vcc—————————-2800php

Note: Reloadable VCC can be loaded maximum of 50$ per 300php processing fee

Price per loaded
Amount= processing fee

$1-$50 = 300php

$51-$100= 600php

$101-$150= 900php

$151=$200= 1,200php

$201=$250= 1,500php

***Reloadable VCC can be bought via Smartmoney/Gcash/ Bank Deposits for Filipino buyers and for International Buyers via Western Union Payments Only ***