Refund Policy


1. The VCC details that was already paid cannot be provided within 24hrs.

2. Vcc are invalid (may be change to a new VCC)

3. VCC is not working

4. VCC funds are Unused for 30days/don’t want to use anymore (applicable for Reloadable VCC only)

5. Preloaded/Reloadable vcc was used but the payment was declined by website/merchant, the funds will automatically be put in pre-authorized state by a merchant. If it was not claimed within 30days(Visa Regulation) by that merchant/website where you used that vcc the funds will be returned to vcc (max waiting is 30days) and it is now subject for refund or vcc replacement.

5. Expuse Code cannot be provided within Twelve (12) days (maximum) for PayPal VCC

7. Expuse Code cannot be provided within one (12) day (maximum) for iOffer VCC

8. Refund Request are Done with Valid reason

(No.4 and No.5 May Varies on Actual Situation)


1. The processing fee for Reloadable/Preloaded VCC

2. Unused/Expired/Unconfirmed Paypal VCC

3. Unused/Expired iOffer VCC

4. Unused/Expired Preloaded VCC

5. Misused VCC (Includes; Guessing PayPal Code/ Wrong PayPal code input, & the likes)

6. Violation of Refund Request Process

Refund Request Process

1. Call me via my contact number and explain why you are asking for refund

2. Text/Email your complete name and Smartmoney/Gcash (only mode of refunds available) where we can Refund your money

3. Refund Process may take up to 5days (maximum), it depends on amount to be refunded

Note: Refund Policy may be updated/changed without prior notice