Below you can read those Frequently Asked Questions about VCC

Question: What is VCC?
Answer: VCC stands for V= as Virtual, C= as Credit, C= as Card, VCC= Virtual Credit Card.

Question: What is Virtual Credit Card?
Answer: A Virtual Credit Card is an electronic version of a Credit Card with a Pre-defined credit value to be only used for Internet purchases only.

Question: Is this Virtual Credit Card has an Actual Card?
Answer: No, its only a virtual, no actual card.

Question: Is this really functions like areal credit card?
Answer: Yes, its function is like a real credit card.

Question: What are the advantages in using VCC?
Answer: Here are the advantages in using vcc; No Documents Needed, Instant Delivery via Text or Chat or Email, Privacy PROTECTION GUARANTEED, and Can be LINK to ANY NAME and ADDRESS.

Question: What are the disadvantages in using VCC?
Answer: Here are the disadvantages in using Vcc; Vcc Doesn’t Have an Actual Card it is ONLY a Credit Card Details, These CARDS are ONE TIME USE ONLY Except forRELOADABLE VCC, No CREDIT CARD STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS, Preloaded orReloadable Virtual Credit CANNOT be used to (90%) of US based online MERCHANT.

Question: Where I CAN”T USE this VCC?
Answer: Please avoid using a VCC when you will be required to present your actual plastic bank credit card to receive any purchase.

Question: Is there a Refund Policy if I purchased this VCC?
Answer: Yes there is Refund Policy, READ HERE.

Question: Is there a credit card statement if I use this card?
Answer: No, VCC don’t have an statement of account.

Question: Is this VCC secured and legit?
Answer: Yes, absolutely secured and legit. Because this VCC is linked to a REAL Credit Card.

Question: What are the mode of payments available?
Answer: The mode of payments available are; Smartmoney, Gcash, BPI bank deposit. Read more details HERE.

Question: After I send the payment, VCC details will be delivered where?
Answer: After your payment is confirmed, you can get your VCC details via text, chat or email you preferred.

Question: Can i use this VCC to verify my Paypal account?
Answer: Yes you can, just buy Paypal vcc which can be used to verify Paypal account, read details about Paypal vcc HERE.

Question: Will my Paypal account get verified Instantly?
Answer: No for our (1)One Year valid VCC for Paypal use/verification, but Yes for our (3)Three Year valid VCC for Paypal verification.

Question: How long it will take to verify my Paypal account?
Answer: Paypal code will be available within 2-3 days for (1)One Year Valid VCC, and within 2-3 mins for (3)Three Year Valid VCC. By the time you entered the Paypal code (EXPUSE CODE) your Paypal account will then become a verified one.

Question: What is Paypal Code (EXPUSE CODE)?
Answer: Paypal Code is a 4-digit number sent by Paypal after VCC is used. You will get this from me after 2-3 days for 1 year valid vcc while 2-3mins for 3 years valid vcc upon successful linking of VCC in your paypal account via text, chat or email you preferred.

Question: After i verify my account, what will happen when the VCC’s expiration date has come?
Answer: Nothing. Once you have verified your account, it will remain as verified status regardless of the VCC’s expiration date but Paypal may ask you to update or add another credit card to your Paypal account. By that time, it is advisable that you buy new VCC because that VCC you used is already expired (cannot be renewed) and Paypal required atleast one active credit card on the account to continue using the account.

Question: Can i use the same VCC for verifying my other Paypal Account?
Answer: No you can’t, the VCC is a one-time use only, when it is used for Paypal verification.

Question: If I want to buy something online using credit card payment, can i used this VCC?
Answer: Yes you can, buy Preloaded vcc or Reloadable vcc. Read Details about Preloaded vcc HERE or Reloadable vcc HERE.

Paypal Account limitations in any case will not be our responsibility and not subjected for any refund, as long as your Paypal account got verified our responsibility ends there, but we are willing to help and give you advice on how to resolve your Paypal account limitations.  

So please take time to read our Paypal Tips before proceeding any vcc purchase to avoid Paypal Account problems. Keep your VCC details because that is very important, Paypal may asked your VCC details in the future before you can login/use your Paypal Account.