Step by Step How To Verify Your PayPal Instruction

Reminders: Paypal Code will be provided instantly for TYPE1 VCC, within 2-3days for TYPE2 VCC after VCC was successfully link to your Paypal account (Please make it sure that your VCC is fully linked to your Paypal or else VCC will Expired after 24hrs = Read instruction no.3 on how to confirm your VCC)

1.  Go to my account then follow the image below to link credit card or VCC to verify your paypal account.

2.  Input your Credit Card or VCC details, make sure the info are all correct to avoid errors. Follow the image below.

3. After adding the card go to my account then follow the image below to link and confirm your Credit Card or VCC linked.

4. Click Continue to confirm your Credit Card linked or VCC

5. The image below confirms that the Credit Card or VCC was successfully linked to your paypal account, Paypal code or Expuse Code will be processed and should be available in  2-3days, You can  get that via text/chat/email from us or to whom where your VCC was purchased.
6. REMINDERS: Paypal/Expuse Code will be available in 2-3days after it was liked to your Paypal account (maybe delayed up to 10-12days in rare cases.). Once your Paypal code or Expuse Code is already available you can confirm your VCC or Credit Card linked by logging-in to your paypal account and Follow the image below.

7. This will pop-up once you click ENTER PAYPAL CODE.

CONGRATULATION… Your Account is now Verified and credited with the bonus from Credit Card or VCC.

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